One Book, Many Conversations: George Orwell's 1984

Saturday, October 14 from 1-4 PM

 Program ModeratorThis program will be moderated by Kimberly Benson, the clerk of the Friends Wilderness Board and member of the Annapolis Friends Meeting.

Meeting Location: Participants will meet at the Niles Cabin. Please plan to arrive around 12:40 to allow time for pre-program introductions, use of rest facilities, and stretching your legs after the drive. Please check driving time from your home to the Friends Center using an online travel planner such as Google Maps, MapQuest or Waze. Note: If this will be your first time visiting FWC, please be sure to allow a little extra time to find us AND  PLEASE consult our Directions Page on this website to avoid getting lost or arriving later than intended.

Program Context: At the core of democracy lies conversation. During the week of 10/9-15, One Book, Many Conversations () is organizing seminars across the nation to stimulate a collective conversation. Discussions grounded in a book can be particularly fertile for productive exchanges—giving everyone in the conversation a common point of reference for examining and articulating their ideas. The discussions will be led by moderators who will serve as guides rather than experts on the book, asking questions rather than providing the answers.

Program ContentFriends Wilderness Center is excited to participate in One Book, Many Conversations, a nation-wide opportunity for civil discourse on George Orwell's 1984.  FWC will host a moderated conversation to delve into 1984, a book that raises questions at the core of living in a democracy, including the nature of citizenship, the sources of power, and what it takes to be a leader, to be courageous and to love another human being. These themes are broad, common to the human experience, and cross all partisan boundaries. Please join the conversation with us at FWC or online at: 

                     Facebook: @onebookmanyconversations
                 Twitter: @onebookmanyconv
                 Hashtag: #manyconversations

Food & DrinkSnacks and well water will be provided. You are also free to bring your own food and beverage if you wish making sure to take all beverage bottles with you when you depart.

What to bringIf the weather is agreeable we will be meeting outside without the benefit of tables or desks. So please bring a folding chair for sitting and a pen and notebook for writing in your lap. If it is raining or too cold, we will meet in the cabin in which case just bring pen and notebook. If we are meeting outside, you may also want to bring insect repellent. You may also review our Helpful Info page for suggestions on other items you might wish to bring to make your visit as rich and enjoyable as possible.

Registration: As always, please let us know that you will be coming so that we can plan for the event. Contact Sheila Bach at or 304.728.4820 for more information, to register for this program, and to make reservation changes. Visit our Directions Page to get detailed driving directions to FWC.

Cost: As an organization that is over 90% dependent on donations to meet expenses, we ask that if possible you make a $10 (or more!) donation to the Friends Wilderness Center for attendance at this program. However, we do not want you to stay away because of the cost so if you are interested, please come and participate. Bring your family, your friends, your neighbors, and any others!