Annual Open House (August 11th, 2018)

      August 11 began with a welcome drop in temperature that ensured the FWC Open House would be enjoyed. A delicious and generous lunch was enjoyed by all of about 15 people who attended. In addition to the 15 people, there were among us at least 7 dogs who thoroughly enjoyed running about and following scent trails. Over lunch, we visited with each other and shared our experiences of the Friends Wilderness Center. After lunch a group of participants hiked to the Tree House to get a fuller view of the property. In all, it was a welcome day spent in the wilderness and left us feeling refreshed and grounded.   (Write-up provided by Board Member, Ann Stone)
 Four Meeting Picnic and Hike (September 9th, 2018)
Nine Friends from Goose Creek, Hopewell Centre, Frederick and Shepherdstown Meetings joined Sheila Bach at the Niles Cabin for a lovely picnic, fellowship and for the stalwarts shown below, a hike to Raven Rocks.  While the weather was not optimal, all were in high spirits and smiles were in abundance even after puffing up to Raven Rocks (see below).
 Poetry In the Cabin with Tom Donlon (November 11th, 2018)
Tom and five other local poetry lovers met in the Niles Cabin to share poetry, ideas, and images and a wonderful lunch cooked by our own Sheila Bach.  Tom provided an added highlight to his original poems (which drew from a trip to Israel in 2018 and his time doing actual line work for Verizon in Brooklyn, NY) by showing slides from both trips and providing commentary which added rich context to his poetry.  We hope you will join us at the cabin for future poetry events such as the one to be facilitated by Hayden Mathews on Saturday, February 9th, 2019.
Poetry Around The Fire with Hayden Mathews (February 9, 2019)
Nine poetry lovers with several published poets in their midst, gathered at the Niles Cabin for a wonderful day of sharing words, thoughts and impressions.  The words shared ranged from Mary Oliver and Robert Frost to translations of Gilgamesh, thoughts on words from an African scholar, and lyrics from country songs - a truly eclectic and wonderful blend. With the always remarkable cooking from Sheila Bach to power our way into the afternoon, we departed the FWC at the program's end richer, fuller, and wiser for the experience.  All present indicated they would likely be back for the next poetry circle in November.