Scheduled Programs: Enjoy a day in nature!

Forest Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Art, Poetry, Bird Watching, Wildflowers, Salamanders, Star Gazing…

OUR PROGRAM SCHEDULE helps you plan ahead and reserve a guided opportunity to explore nature.

Program Cost

All programs are offered on a free-will donation basis. Some programs, however, might request reimbursement for specific materials. We ask participants to consider a minimum donation of $10 per person.

We do not want fees to pose a barrier to participation, but we rely on individual donations to ensure that we can cover operating costs and continue services. We appreciate your giving, offered in the same spirit of generosity as that of Nature. Each contribution helps fulfill our intention to extend the gifts of Nature to all. 

Initiate or suggest a Program

Please let us know if you have special talents, skills, training or insights with the FWC community by offering a public program of your own design.  We are delighted to draw upon the amazing resources resident in our community and are happy to host programs consistent with our mission, goals and values.


Questions or suggestions can be directed to or 304-261-7956.